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Always a Blessing 8 September, 2009

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I’m reading a new book.  By reading I mean skimming.  But, and this may not fit in this blog lol, I’m trying to find that blessing in life.  Not that it’s hard to find, I am blessed fo sho.  So, the idea in this book is to shift your perception or energy by closing your eyes and repeating “always a blessing” until you feel that change happen.  It’s a 14 lesson book and while I’d love to go through one a day, that isn’t going to happen.

I’ll blog about it here and see how things go. 

We had a nice day yesterday … well, the end of the day.  Most of it was crazy and I nearly cancelled my plans.  Ben talked me into going and it was nice.  The two girls I was with have five boys between them ranging from Phaelan’s age (almost 3) to five.  Wow, writing that makes me shudder!  It’s odd to see how small Phaelan is next to all of them.  It’s hard to believe he isn’t that much younger!

So, not much bitching today.  I’m off to my in-laws to visit for a day and then come home for a day by myself.  First overnight for my bug and I think he’s going to do much better than I am!


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