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Who are you readers? 18 September, 2009

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Have a sit down and just TRY to take a sip without spilling!

Have a sit down and SPILL!

52 hits and 20 in the past couple of days.  I know those all weren’t Terri and JoAnn, so … who are you??  Come out of lurkerdom and share a cup of this holy-crap-could-they-fit-any-more-candy-on-that hot chocolate.  Apparently this cuppa was purchased in Dorset, England.  And, so not to offend, cuppa should really only apply to a cup of tea … but, ya know, creative license and all.  And, I suppose if I hadn’t said that, some of you may  not have even know.  Ah well.

My house is still a mess.  But, I’ve thought about cleaning and did pick up a little … a very little, but, here’s a big, fat OH WELL!

So, today’s quick question (I couldn’t think of a topic beyond, who on earth is reading this drivel?!) … how many blogs do you faithfully follow?  Do you blog faithfully yourself?  Add in your blog link and if ya want I’ll add it to my blogroll which is sadly lacking (and yes, has wordpress on there twice … huh?!).  I mean … all these hits maybe you’ll get some new readers.  I suggest food porn.  Apparently it works.


5 Responses to “Who are you readers?”

  1. Terri Says:

    I read more blogs than is legal, I think. Seriously, I find a new blog (at least) every day. I am astounded and encouraged at the number of intelligent, creative people putting themselves out there.

    Oh, crap that was much too positive for this blog, no?


    better? You know my link, put it up already!

  2. Terri Says:

    oh and is a free blog platform but you have to “own” your own url. is like this free one, has “” after it.

    I have had a large glass of Cab. Sauv., and I think this is giving me loose fingers. I apologize, and will now have a Dove dark chocolate.

    • chocolatemergency Says:

      Thanks for the schooling on the wp shiznet (net, get it?). I’ve realized since I started this choco blog that even *I* can’t bitch all the time. Shocker, huh? Besides, doesn’t “bitch” and proud to be and of creative women sort of fit together? This is prompting an idea for a new blog, however, it’s my (finally) bedtime, so possibly tomorrow. I’m on a blogroll … ha ha.

  3. Joann Says:

    hey…you said my name! I am now famous. thank you.

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