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Obsession 7 September, 2009

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I have an obsessive personality … or maybe addictive.  Most probably it’s both. 

Life has been a little insane the past few weeks.  My *monster child has been quite a handful and I may possibly be losing my mind.  But, it won’t be long before I have help again.

I did have the chance to be at my first birth and that was amazing.  I will never forget that.

So, back to obsession.  Right now, it’s Lost.  What it needs to be is housecleaning.  So, today I will be getting to that since I have come to the end of available episodes online.  Fortunately, even though my house is a disaster, it isn’t too bad, so I should be under control shortly.  I feel better when my house is clean … I just don’t feel better while I’m doing the cleaning. 

I need to come up with some interesting blog topics.  Because this bored ME!


*In my last post I used the fancy “strikethrough” and it took me hours and hours of searching to figure out how to do it.  Now I find out there’s just one of those stupid little buttons to push or I just have to hit alt-shift-d.  Bastard.


Another day, another dollar. 16 August, 2009

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Spent, that is.

How we I have spent so much money over the past 8 months, I just don’t know.

I’ve just applied for some writing jobs.  It would be nice to be able to make a little bit of extra money from home.  Not to mention a bit of published experience.  I’m not looking for a “get-rich-quick” scheme, so hopefully this will prove to be a good lead.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to “get-rich-quick” fo sho, but I’m not a dummy.

Do you know how difficult it is to find good Pagan mom blogs?  It’s difficult.  Trust me.  Someone dear to me (wink wink) sent me this link.


Nothing to crab about today?? 15 August, 2009

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Actually a decent day … yay!  We had a great conversation with my mom who has been feeling pretty crappy the past few days and we were all able to end the talk feeling tons better. 

My bug went to bed decently and I spent the rest of the night just doing a bunch of nothing.  Well, I had my IM set up on our desktop and I don’t use that much.  I’d forgotten to change how the alerts work; usually it just alerts me when someone sends me a message and at midnight, that is a pretty good indication that it’s my husband.  So, I’m crashed in the bed, tangled up in my laptop and cords when I get an alert.  At the same time, I hear my bug coming out of his room.  So, I quickly attempt to get myself out of the cords and over to the computer so that I can let my hubby know I’m up, but need a second to get the baby.  Well, our bed is a bit high off the ground and I guess I was a bit tired or more tangled than I thought because BANG!  I wacked my shin and then slid down … uck.  So, now I am adorned with a Go, Go and a Dora band aid.  Oh, and it wasn’t my husband, just someone coming online.  Surprisingly, I didn’t swear.  And, I was able to use it as a good example to my kiddo on how hydrogen peroxide really doesn’t hurt an owie.

I’m not exactly sure how exactly to do pictures here, but hopefully they’ll work.  Also, thought I’d add a couple of pictures of the sad, sad gazebo.  Really it WAS pretty before. 😦


Listen up hookers. 14 August, 2009

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Seriously, stop cheating on your deployed husbands.  Those of us who aren’t slutty are tired of dealing with the aftermath.

I am so tired of taking up the little time I have to talk to my husband with lines such as: “Really, honey, I’m not cheating on you.” and “I promise, babe, I miss all of YOU not just your anatomy!”  Why should I have to waste this time with him?  Because some wife decided that instead of waiting around for her husband, she’d just jump someone who’s home.

Now, I’m not saying it is all the wife’s fault.  I’m sure it isn’t, however, why stay in a relationship if you’re so unhappy that you’ll sleep with someone else?  Serve him papers and move on.  I honestly don’t understand it.  Some guys (8 months into a deployment) are finding out their wives have been cheating for months.  What?!

I’m sure some would say, “oh, my husband knows I’d never cheat on him so it wouldn’t be an issue,”  don’t count on it is what I say.  My husband knows the same thing and he even says he knows I wouldn’t.  But, away from home he admits it’s hard to keep the worry away when you hear that guys who thought the same thing find out they were wrong.

I’ll never understand it.  Never.

Some wouldn’t believe the shady things that go on around military bases.  Wives who have a husband in one division and a boyfriend in another.  They deploy at opposite times, so there’s never an overlap.  Yuck.  Are the guys innocent?  No, probably just as bad, but I honestly hear less about guys cheating than girls.  And let me tell you that if that guy is a soldier, he has hell to pay.  But, the reaction is a shrug and a shake of the head for the jerk who cheated on his wife.  When the role is reversed, well, the reaction is extremely different.

So, all of this brings me to a question I’ve been asking myself for a while.  Are we still lost in some dark age where there are different expectations for men and women?  Or are women wired in a more conducive way for monogamy, leading us to expect women to be more monogamous than men?  I think this is more aimed at military families and because it’s all I’ve known for the past 4.5 years, it’s all I feel I can address.

When I hear about a man soldier cheating on his wife, yeah, it makes me mad.  But, when I hear about a wife cheating on her husband, especially when he’s deployed … oh boy, it makes me shake.  Why?  Well, part of it is that he is out putting his life on the line.  If his head isn’t on his work, but on his wife and what she’s doing, then there could be serious consequences.  Selfishly, his actions could directly affect my husband’s life.  So, I figure that if a woman decides she doesn’t want to be married anymore during  a deployment, then suck it up and let him get home before serving papers or lifting your skirt.


My soggy sandwich 13 August, 2009

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So, I always ask myself, “why start blogging now?” I mean, here we are, with only 17 weeks, at most, left in this deployment. What’s the point? I have no idea.

I blog often, but it’s for family. All of the brag pictures. It’s hard to bitch and whine and then upload a cute picture of my monkey-boy playing in the sprinkler, ya know? So, I need a different place to bitch and whine.

But … and here’s the big question … what do I really have to bitch and whine about? I’m not sure … I need a moment to think about that.

*smoke break* I need to quit. Seriously.

Anyway, the thoughts running through my head are annoying to me, so I figure anyone accidentally running across this would hit “close” pretty quickly. I don’t have anything to whine about … much. I am married to an amazing, sexy man and I have an adorable, stubborn little boy. I don’t hate my parents or my in-laws and even though my dog drives me nuts … well, he just drives me nuts.

What set me off today? Well, I’m actually coming out of a coma. Ben went back to Iraq a few days ago and I vaguelly remember the past few days. Then, today my gazebo fell down. DAMN IT! I bought it and set it up with Ben’s dad right before he came home on leave. Piece of shit. It looked beautiful too. All Better Homes and Garden in my back yard with the pretty table and chairs sitting under it. There was … was … a lantern hanging from the middle and the flowers are still sort of sitting on the bent up shelves. Damn it again.

I hate Iraq. Would the gazebo still be standing if Ben were home? No, I’m not an idiot. But, I wouldn’t be trying to dissasemble the twisted metal on my own.

So, with that, I took my kiddo to subway. It was still early, so I stuck my sandwich in the fridge. But, my child decided that 8p was far too early to go to bed and took over an hour to go to sleep. I was getting hungry and was dreaming about opening that fridge.

It was soggy and is now in the trash.

TRASH. Shit, tomorrow is trash day and we missed last week. I loathe taking the trash out.

Duty calls. Blech.